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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Carrying Out OSHA's Mission

Enforcement plays an important part in OSHA’s
efforts to reduce workplace injuries, illnesses, and
fatalities. Through OSHA’s Site-Specific Targeting
and Enhanced Enforcement programs, the agency
sends a clear message that it takes its mission
seriously. When the agency finds employers who
fail to uphold their employee safety and health
responsibilities, OSHA deals with them strongly.
In addition, OSHA administers and supports a
comprehensive field occupational safety and
health guidance and compliance assistance effort
within a variety of industry sectors including general
industry, maritime, construction, and health.
OSHA also administers and evaluates occupational
safety and health programs for all federal
agencies, assisting them in providing safe and
healthful working conditions for their employees.
OSHA also sets rules for the Federal Advisory
Council on Occupational Safety and Health, administers
an anti-discrimination program to protect the
rights of employees to seek safe and healthful
working conditions, and operates the cargo gear
accreditation program for certifying vessels’ cargo
gear and shore-based material handling devices.
OSHA carries out its enforcement activities
through its 10 regional offices and 90 area offices.
OSHA’s regional offices are located in Boston, New
York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas,
Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco and Seattle.


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